We Focus On Long-Term Relationships With Our Customers

We are committed to creating top-tier product options for our customers at a price that remains consistent and transparent.  Creating good karma with our valued customers demonstrates that we want to build healthy long-term relationships while providing solutions and innovation and excellent customer service.  

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The more proactive and prepared a recruiter is the more likely they are to find the best candidates, so employers want every advantage they can get. Placement Karma recruiting software gives you that advantage, keeping applicant information organized through every phase of hiring so you can focus on finding the right talent for the job and creating a great candidate experience.


Full Access To Our Entire Platform For Only $37/month!

Our platform of services matches-up against any of the big brand HR software guys out there.  The big difference is that we are very transparent with our upfront pricing. No surprises, just a great product!

"Placement Karma has helped us revolutionize our hiring, time tracking, onboarding and offboarding, and a bunch of other little things that all add-up!"


~Kenyon Briskow, Nomad Digital

PreBoarding & OnBoarding

Using Placement Karma® to manage your employee onboarding and offboarding allows you to focus less on formalities and more on creating a better beginning for your new team member. Placement Karma onboarding tools help you complete paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, let you gather important documents with customizable preboarding packages, and make it easy to set new hires up for success from day one.

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Our employee time-tracking software makes the time entry experience a breeze for all your team member regardless of whether they are W-2, 1099, or volunteer status. Team members can clock in and out or enter hours right from their own private dashboard, and they can log how long they worked on specific projects or tasks. Timesheets are always easily available for approvals or edits. No hoops to jump through means fewer forgotten entries and zero lost data.


Performance Management

When employee performance reviews only happen once a year, it’s tough to make them accurate and meaningful. Placement Karma® performance management software cuts to the heart of effective performance management, using customizable questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation. This results in increased engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and more chances to address problems in the moment instead of six months from now.

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Placement Karma HR Management Software For Only $37 A Month
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