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"Making The Right Choices Keeps Your Fixed-Costs Low And Your Cash Flow Fluid"

Our transparent pricing model puts the details out in the open with no surprises and no additional fees.  That allows you to forecast your fixed costs and save 1,000's a year on HR software.  We love transparency and so do our customers.

Full Service Flat-Rate Pricing - Rewriting The Rules For Online Job & Applicant Management Software!

We have nothing to hide, that's why we provide easy to understand and transparent pricing.  Our customers feel good and we do too - so it's definitely a win-win scenario and builds great Karma!

"We're Saving Hundreds Of Dollars Each Month - Seriously... We LOVE Placement Karma!"


~Jane Fergot, Wilson, Buton & Wakeman

Placement Karma Online Job And Applicant Management For Only $47 A Month

Administrative Task Savings

The average HR professional spends five hours of their day on administrative tasks—entering information, ensuring compliance, responding to team member requests, and more. This figure includes the time spent transcribing information recorded on paper to electronic systems.


Providing your team members with cloud-based self-service for some of these tasks can reduce this average to three hours per day, freeing up time for both HR professionals and members of your team to collaborate, focus, and develop professionally.

Business Team
Business Meeting

Time Management Savings

Individuals in your team take an average of three unreported PTO days per year. This might not seem like a lot, but unreported absences impact employee productivity and lead to excess payouts when employees leave the company. With an average employee salary of $22.12 per hour, the cost of three unreported PTO days comes in at $530.77 per year, for person on your team.


Placement Karma software can help eliminate these issues by making it easier to request, calculate, approve, and track these things. Simplifying this process also encourages members of your team to communicate in advance about their time on-station, knowing that it won’t be a waiting game.


With the right resources, we know that your business will grow and prosper.  We also know that having online job and applicant management platform that is affordable and transparent is key! That why we've designed Placement Karma to be a top-tier platform that checks all those important boxes. 

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